Monday, January 20, 2014

"A little Love" - Cartoons 6 - 10A

Lunartik goes romantic. No, seriously.

About the Lunartiks:

They're little aliens from another dimension, that live in Tea-Cups, which they use like portals to travel through time and space. Also, for a long time, the Lunartiks' legs were a mystery, hidden inside the cup, but SlickFlick, the I-Thingee storytelling-app,  shows them for the very first time!

A little Love... 

... is all we need. So be romantic. If you can. Mr. T can. And he can keep it short. Which, when it comes to "love" might not be such a good thing, but still. It's... succinct. That's it :)

Click the Pics! Or the titles. Anything that links. And enjoy the Cartoons. Please.

A little Love #6

A little Love #7

A little Love #8

A little Love #9

A little Love #10

A little Love #10A (so I got mixed up with the numbers again... Sorry.)

continued in: A little Love 11 - 15

preceded by: A little Love 1 - 5

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