Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Lunar Shorts" - Cartoons 21 - 30

Short funny stories from the Lunar-Verse. That's like the Uni-verse, but different.

About the Lunartiks:

They're little aliens from another dimension, that live in Tea-Cups, which they use like portals to travel through time and space. Also, for a long time, the Lunartiks' legs were a mystery, hidden inside the cup, but SlickFlick, the I-Thingee storytelling-app,  shows them for the very first time!

Click the Pics! Or the titles. Anything that links. And enjoy the Cartoons. Please.

Lunar Shorts #21: "Spooky"

 Lunar Shorts #22: "Free Falling"

 Lunar Shorts #23: "Lightning Strikes"

 Lunar Shorts #24: "Big Entrance"

Lunar Shorts #25: "The Block"

 Lunar Shorts #26: "What is left behind..."

 Lunar Shorts #27: "Still Love. Still Chew."

 Lunar Shorts #28: "I see..."

 Lunar Shorts #29: "Flash-Buck" (Yes, it's 29. So, I got a number wrong. Once. So sue me!)

Lunar Shorts #30: "Beauty in the Eye of the Storm"

Continued in: Lunar Shorts 31 - ...

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