Monday, September 30, 2013

Tales of the Lunartiks

Mr. Jones and me, we're doing a funny, witty and very cute Web-Cartoon, telling Tales of the Lunartiks (and some other stuff...)

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About the Lunartiks:
Matt Jones

They're little aliens from another dimension, that live in Tea-Cups, which they use like portals to travel through time and space.

They spawned from the mind of the wonderfully twisted Matt Jones.

Who also happens to be my neighbor. And me and Matt, we're doing our own Web-Cartoon - and it's awesome!Well, truth be told, Matt provides most of the artwork (via a nice I-Thingee App), and I do the writing, but I'm not above using his good name for my own gain!

A side note: For a long time, the Lunartiks' legs were a mystery, hidden inside the cup, but SlickFlick, the I-Thingee storytelling-app,  shows them for the very first time!

On to the important part: 

The Stories.

1. Mr. T's Wonderful World of Tea
It's Mr. T telling you all about "Tea". Every single "-Tea" he can find. In the Dictionary.

2. Lunar Shorts
Short funny stories from the Lunar-Verse. That's like the Uni-verse, but different.

3. Travellers Between Worlds
Once in every Lunartik's life they embark on an epic journey into other dimensions. Stuff happens. And there's usually some screaming involved...
(Featuring additional artwork by Cavey, MakieLab, Usagi, Wippo and Slick Flick)

4. A little love...
Lunartik goes romantic. No, seriously.

5. Other stuff... and stuff
Stories from the Slick Flick Crypt...

and the, obviously limited, but very special

6. Lunar Christmas Countdown 2013
Counting Down, one day and one Cartoon at a time...

You can find them all (and make your own) on the Slick Flick I-Thingee app under "@Eberhorn". And for everybody who's not an I-Thingee owner, I have collected, for you convenience, all stories in these nice blog-posts, the links you just read past! (So click them. Yes, numbers 1-6. Those. Come on. Please?)

Now, some of you might notice the "Web-Version" tag some of those feature after you click on them. How very perceptive.
When we started out, Slick Flick was still relatively new, and there were some remaining bugs to be ironed-out.
All stories looked real nice on the app, with little pop-up effects and all, but those same effects screwed up the formatting when looking at them in the Slick Flick Web-browser Version. The Web Versions are static, but mostly look as intended.

I am glad to say, however, that those days are the past, and the new stories will grace your web-browser in all their pop-upp-ish glory (Yes, pop-ups are a good thing, here). Oh, and should anything ever look funny, just reload the page in your browser.

Anyway, I will be doing these little "story-cups" and update this post until I run out of words, time or patience. That I-Pod is tiny, and I have Man-Hands.

If you like Matt's work and the other artwork, why not join his Lunartik in a Cup of Tea - Fan Club on Facebook, or visit these websites: Cavey, MakieLab, Usagi, Wippo!

But honestly, my stories are much more important than that stuff... ;)

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